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AngelView is located in the heart of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Conveniently located near abundant lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests, AngelView embodies Colorado living at its finest.  

This community offers something for everyone. Each of the four seasons presents new and exciting adventures to embark upon. Whether adventure calls you to the mountains, the water, or just a place to relax, AngelView invites you to enjoy Colorado’s stunning beauty all year round.

The inspiration for AngelView’s name comes from the "Praying Angel", a naturally occurring feature that displays a host of trees in the shape of an Angel. The ethereal arrangement overlooks the glistening Twin Lakes. Before heavy snowfall graces the ground, the Angel is visible in the mountainside. When the gorgeous colors of autumn begin to peek from the trees, the Angel’s wings seem to take flight. With this beautiful spectacle in the direct line of sight of the community, naming this heavenly development “AngelView” was nothing short of its destiny.