At AngelView, you never have to go far for an adventure. You can find nature in every corner of the community and its lush surroundings. From thrill-seeking activities to urban excursions, you can find it all just a stone's throw away.  


Mount Elbert

AngelView rests in the glory of Mount Elbert, the tallest summit in Colorado. Gleaming snow caps often appear in the summer, contrasting against the lush greenery of the surrounding San Isabel National Forest. In the winter months, the mountain gleams with pure white snow. Mount Elbert is often referred to as the “gentle giant” of the Rocky Mountains; Class 1 to 2 climbing routes are readily available to lead hikers to summit where they can view the beauty and splendor of the Rocky Mountain landscape from the state’s highest peak.

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Twin Lakes

AngelView overlooks the stunning Twin Lakes, who beautifully reflect the soaring peaks surrounding them. The largest glacier-formed lakes in Colorado, Twin Lakes, span across 1,700 surface acres. The expansive bodies of water appeal to water sport enthusiasts and tranquil spectators alike, inviting everyone to enjoy their days in and around the gleaming glacial waters.

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Twin Lakes Village

A quiet, welcoming hamlet teeming with history, Twin Lakes village was described in 1885 as “the most charming summer mountain resort in Colorado.” Once a bustling transportation hub between Aspen and Leadville during the gold rush, the town remains a charming getaway for nature lovers and history lovers alike. Enter the quaint village and take a step back into America’s rich history.



The historic Interlaken Resort, situated on the south shore of Twin Lakes, once served as a popular summer destination for the affluent. To reach the resort grounds, vacationers would arrive to a nearby town by train then would be transported in stagecoaches across the lake over the land bridge. The resort boasted majestic views, largely unchanged from today. Embark on a tranquil journey from AngelView to visit the remarkable Interlaken Resort; grab a glimpse of historic luxury enveloped in the pristine beauty of the Twin Lakes.

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Arkansas River

This highly visited river originates only minutes from AngelView. For adrenaline junkies, the steep and fast-flowing river is one of the nation’s best for whitewater rafting-- riders are sent on a fun and wild ride through the Rockies. For a calmer alternative, the headwaters of the Arkansas River host extraordinary spots for fishing and fly-fishing. The river is abundant with fish, including brown and rainbow trout.